This Week in Leadership (Dec 5 - Dec 11)

There's a big race to hire recently-fired tech workers. Plus, how to respectfully disagree with colleagues and bosses.

Which industries want to hire recently laid-off tech workers? Why are ex-CEOs returning to their old jobs? Plus, how to disagree with your colleagues and bosses without damaging your career. Here are some recent articles by Korn Ferry’s content team on leadership-related news.

Wanted (Maybe): Laid-Off Techies

Non-tech companies want to hire recently laid-off tech workers, but culture and pay issues could stand in the way. 

Boomerang CEOs: Do They Succeed?

Facing business declines, some firms have asked legendary leaders to return to the corner suite. Is it a smart move, or poor succession planning?

Leaving the Rat Race Early

Executives are eyeing early exits much earlier in their careers to seek part-time gigs. But there’s a delicate balance between saying you want to work less—and still contributing.

5 Ways to Disagree Respectfully

End-of-year pressures in the workplace can lead to strong opinions—and even stronger differences. 5 ways to manage that.

Stop Reading the News

Korn Ferry CEO Gary Burnison urges leaders to stop looking at what’s wrong in what’s right.

Building the Brand with Your Employees First

Korn Ferry Institute’s Tessa Misiaszek and Jean-Marc Laouchez explain why companies need to begin integrating brand strategy into talent management.